Down time

It’s officially Slug Day over here at Bluenette Brennan HQ.  I think this might be the first time I’ve sat still this year.  My house is a tip, my fish are green, my Ipswich Art Awards entries aren’t even started yet and I need to hand them over in less than three weeks (the framing is started though – I can muck around as much as I want, that is quite okay, but I am not going to muck around my framer.  Once I know what I’m doing and the size and colour scheme I get up there and get it started.  Be respectful of others even if your creative modus operandi is to flap around until the last moment, kids.  They’re not sitting around on their arses just waiting for you to turn up.)

But even though I can’t settle on what I want to watch, even though there’s a movie on but the movie theatre is all the way over there, even though I’m looking at everything I own and thinking maybe I should throw it all out and that will solve my problems, my brain is still ticking over what I’d like to create.

My next couple of things, the Art Awards entries, are not going to be that clever.  I don’t have time.  Three weeks, like I said.  They’re going to be pretty much from a photo (suitably altered, obviously).  My brain is playing around now with the composition of the pair of them – how do I get this landscape to more completely encapsulate the notion of Grace, which is what I’ve called it (Naming a thing that doesn’t even exist yet.  I set myself up.)  How do I get that man to look alive while still a mess off crosshatching lines, of light coming out of darkness?

My next couple of things aren’t going to be that clever.  I’ll have to wear a smile when other people see them but I’m really excited about what is going to come next.  My garden landscapes made out of unlikely plastics lit by the afternoon sun popped back into my head yesterday.  I’d forgotten about that one.  It’ll be a show-stopper if I can pull it off.  My renaissance art series is ticking away, one of them that I’ve been musing on lately will be a combination of at least three different photos that have been taken of me, something I’ve never tried before.  How tightly era-specific am I going to keep it?  How far up am I going to punch the next time I get a body of work together?

I might repair that seam on that towel while I think some more.


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