FInally on to the boys…

Boylesque.  I’m all about the equal opportunity sparkles.



A Finished Thing


Still with the burlesque theme.  Prefer to show the woman’s sensuality rather than T and A (which is what the point of burlesque actually is…), and I think this can be applied to the wider world at large, where the perception of women’s sexuality stops purely at T and A (online dating, the ubiquitousness of pornography, etc) and the extra dimension of sensuality has been lost. 

Where’s the fun in that, people?

Crying Uncle

On drawing for tonight.  And on framing, which was the alternative activity.  My hands hurt too much.  Had to use them in an unusual way as part of the day job today, and then carry heavy things, and then wrestle a great dane so we could cut his claws.  Enough!  Tonight my hands will either hit play or turn the page, that is IT!

So, instead, I will post a photo of a completed thing.  I haven’t done that for ages.  I’ve got this half-baked idea that I’m supposed to be ~teasing new local readers who are here because they’ve seen my flyer and might be interested in coming to my show (FOUR AND A BIT WEEKS TO GO).

But really – it won’t hurt anyone to show you people one completed thing (or maybe even more than one – let’s get excited).  I’m going to do plenty of things.  You’re going to get teased plenty.


Ta da!