Art Exhibition Pervert

One of the best things


About being an artist


Apart from having an excuse to get really horrifyingly grubby (I’m not sure what came first, the grubbiness or the art – my mother will no doubt tell you), and laughing at your hairdresser when she panics after getting hair dye on your skin


Is watching complete strangers react to your work.


There’s a little bit of voyeur in all of us.  We’re not even a tiny bit sorry.


How did I go?




And I didn’t want to be one of those lame people who couldn’t update a blog

Ah, well.  I read somewhere in one of my favourite blogs that you need to be able to write about the same stuff about 900 times if you’ve got a blog, not just give up after a couple of weeks if you haven’t immediately going viral.  Well.  Working on it.

I moved house.  Internet access is intermittent.  Currently sponging from w*rk.  I’m telling myself the manic Secrets of Effective People bs that I’ll be SO much more productive in life if I don’t have the internet for a while.  Imagine what I can get done!  I can RE-TRAIN myself so I’ll never sit on my butt and do nothing again!  I can create an empire!  I can solve all of the world’s problems!  I can reduce carbon emissions!

Ha!  What I’m really doing is hanging out until I can get contents insurance and watching things that I’ve had stored on my hard drive.  My attempt at reducing carbon emissions is so far limited to re-using the 47 empty Moccona jars as food storage containers instead of buying Tupperware.  I’m pretty sure Effective People would be spectacularly disappointed in me.


One thing I have done though is this:


Hooray for that.  I’m proud, but I’m so glad it’s over.  This was my first attempt at metallic surfaces and reflected light.  It’s my Still Life entry in the Ipswich Art Awards.  About halfway through I started thinking about the next …. several …. pieces and about what I’d put in my first solo exhibition (grand plans – we’ll see)


I meant this to be much more up-beat.  I do apologise.  Everyone around me is stressed out an unhappy at the moment, and it seems to be catching.