Think again

Hi.  I read the fine print for the local competition I’m entering and had to shelve the Rodin study because it’s too big.  Not bigger than 110cm on the longest side including frame, it says.  The competition is run by hardarses too.  Last year they wouldn’t let me (and two others) enter when I turned up 20 minutes late, having followed their online accidental misinformation rather than what it said on the actual form, and they were downright rude about it too.  I can’t imagine what they’d do if I turned up with something too big.  Send me home wearing the frame, perhaps.

So I’ll get back to that idea eventually.  I personally think that the background I painted last week is too elaborate and too much the wrong colour to work with my current ideas.  Then I started having new ideas, and then I realised these were naff.  So.

I’m working one one of my other ideas that’s been cooking away, to enter in the Still Life section.

I took this photo in the Chinatown Mall in Brisbane.  I love the reflections and the light.


It also presents some new challenges for me personally.  I haven’t drawn a shiny metallic surface before, and I haven’t drawn reflected light.  This could be interesting.  I’ll try and get most of the swearing out of the way before you lot see it.


Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Metallic detail, which I’m very happy with so far:



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