Nudey drawing night.

You’re probably going to get posts about my art classes for a while.  It’s been a long time since I was able to go and rediscovering it all is exciting to me.  Sorry about that.  I think it’s seeing how the skills I’ve picked up in the six months without attending classes apply themselves so easily to drawing from life.  That slightly manic obsession about getting precision when drawing hands seems to have made me better at getting definite line down on paper quickly.  Like this –


These were the very quick sketches, and from them you can tell exactly what this lady looks like.  It used to be that my quick sketches would look a lot more fragmented than this, like I’d been drawing a few different people.



Same again


And again.

(Stick with me.  This is the one semi-intellectual thing that I’ve told myself I have to achieve today, before I go and soak my aching body in a hot bath.  It’s been a big week at work and I’m pitying myself a bit for being home on a Saturday night.  This is one step short of writing stream of consciousness frustration in my actual paper journal and, frankly, the trees don’t deserve my abuse.)

Anyway, after all of that we returned to my more accustomed stomping grounds: portraits (old nemesis!) and blue conte crayons (totally my bros):


Not too bad.  I think her hair is too small for her face.  Something’s not quite right.  But that’s alright, because then finally we have the hero of the night that left me sweaty and shaking after my victorious completion:


Apart from the extraneous crease around her lighter nostril, perfect.  Chariots of Fire, everyone (not really).

Next week it’s apparently going to be portraits.  As you can see, up my alley.  I suspect I’ll be paying to sit around and draw my fellow classmates.  Let’s hope it’s not just me attending. 

Anyway.  This was virtuous enough that I can use the Turkish Rose bath salts intstead of the Japanese Detox.  Who on earth detoxes on a Saturday night?  Losers and hippies, that’s who.  Don’t the hippies have fire to twirl?


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