Dr Sketchys, February Edition

While the iron is hot(ish)

If you’re an art person (or graphic design person, or casually scribbling person, or a person person) in Brisbane, one of the highlights on the calendar is going to the Glass Bar on Brunswick Street, Fortiude Valley on the first Tuesday of every month to attend the local chapter of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.  Basically, you go to the Glass Bar, you have some booze, have a chat and draw beautiful burlesque performers in their costumes.

What, you were going to sit at home and watch NCIS reruns?  Come on, you know Ziva is going to kick butt and that you’re going to spend half the episode perving on Agent Gibbs, even though you know that you can never be his, alas, because your hair is not red and he is fictional.  Far better off mourning your loss in good company.  Like at the Glass Bar, for example.

This month’s model was the very lovely Jacqueline Furey:


(Photo borrowed from Tara Ormsby)

The main thing I wanted to achieve this time was to capture acurate likenesses of the models (Jacqueline was assisted by several ladies from the Scoundrelles Burlesque Academy too, btw).  I gave up ages ago being able to do things like add colour or tone and texture in the time available, especially considering I’ve been out of the habit of attending regular classes for months.  (Bless my poorly concealed inner perfectionist.  Not.)

I don’t think I did too badly.


The lady in the middle I drew with my opposite hand to normal, even.  Not bad.  I got the shakes afterwards though.  Shh.



I don’t know why girlfriend looks so sad either, but I like it.

And finally….



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