Dr Sketchys Night

Is tonight!  Yeah!

Basically, you go to a pub and draw burlesque dancers in their costumes.  They’re held all over the world.

Here’s last month’s sketches.  I tried posting at the time, but it got eaten (due to a Battlestar Gallactica binge on my part….) and it just wasn’t relevant again until now, when I’m waiting for a layer to dry on my Rodin study.

I hadn’t been for about six months at that point.  Was horribly exciting.  Even more so because the model was the lovely lady in my header, Bella de Jac.  Also, I clearly wasn’t in mid-season form.  Never mind.


Assisted by subs Vivian Mae and Jacqueline FureyImage

Here Bella looks like a person, just not Bella.  Sigh.


And my favourite of the night, Jacqueline Furey on a leash held by Bella:


I think I got her face just right



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