Um. Hi.

Long time, no chat.  Working on that study of Rodin’s “The Cathedral” is kind of kicking my butt harder than I thought.  Plus there was a flood.

Image(Spoilers:  You can’t normally see water.)

Rather put paid to my plans for placidly drawing away last week.  Almost everybody is fine, don’t worry.  Just last time almost everybody wasn’t, and wasn’t for a long time.  I’d have felt a bit of a Nero, drawing away while the rest of the town gets flooded.

Anyway, what I *have* got was first going to make me have a cry.  Ie:


And this is the third version.  The other two looked like someone had vomited alcopops onto my sketch book.

So I sat down and had some stern words to myself, changed my medium (now using Inktense pencils and a Japanese calligraphy brush) and I’ve gotten this far:


Getting warmer.  Eventually it will be huge, with a background, texture and blocks of colour.  I’m planning on getting at least as far as another large draft over the next day or so, with experiments with texture to see whether my imagination is accommodated by the materials.

I haven’t planned a piece of art work in such depth since I was back in school.  Interesting, this having a process.


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