Motivation, or is it Public Shaming?

I’ll get on with “motivating” myself in preparation for tomorrow’s precious day off.  Really it’s bullying, and I believe Lady Gaga has several things to say about that.  (I trust they’ll follow her usual format of two verses and a chorus repeated about seventeen times.  Oh, I quake in terror.)

You see, I’ve had this thing that’s been laying around for quite some time.  The bugger with being a pastel artist is that you can’t just fling them around willy-nilly as you’re working on them, so if you get busy or it stops talking to you, your pieces tend to linger on the easel, preventing you from going on to the next thing until you get your act together.  At the moment there’s a lot of Next Things in the queue and I really need to get cracking

So.  I’ve got this swan.


It’s been sitting on my easel for a couple of months while I got through the last third of a very intense college course, Christmas, being busy at w*rk, and generally being wiped out by our hot and sticky sub-tropical summer.

Tomorrow it’s time.  I’ve set aside today for doing the jobs.  I’ve washed things, I’ve given the fish a bath (they weren’t amused), I’ve scrubbed the bathroom, I’ve gotten my hair did and I’m about to get cracking on a marketing task that’s been hanging over my head for ages.

Tomorrow is Art Day.


Or else.

Really those reasons above are just excuses.  I’ve really been dawdling because the swan as is was started for therapeutic reasons when stressed and miserable and I’m worried that now that I’ve mellowed out again I won’t be able to carry the same mood through to the other wing.

What I want is a smug sense of serenity to project forward to the viewer.  If a swan can’t be self-satisfied nothing can.  I’ve noticed quite often that art meant to promote a mellow feeling to the viewer is very one-dimensional as to meaning and interpretation.  Isn’t smugness a nice relaxing feeling sometimes?


Anyway.  Tomorrow.  Or else.

And I’ll fix it’s neck while I’m at it.


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