Greatest Hits

Why not start off with putting up some of my old stuff that I like so that all three of you have got an idea of what my starting point is.

(Spoilers: There’s a lot of soft pastel.)

For a start there’s my lovely magnolias:


From a photo I’d taken while on a trip to the Blue Mountains.  I’ve yet to get this one framed.  Silly of me.

While I was there I also took the photo on which this is based at the Leura Cascades (you bet your backside it’s framed).  My favourite attempt at a landscape so far:


I’ve also done a metric tonne of life drawing over the years:


Which then turned into lots of practice at portraiture, after I realised that my sketch books from life drawing did not contain anything much by way of feet, hands or faces.  It was all very archaeological.


THEN I realised I wasn’t that fabulous at drawing people wearing clothes either, so I started attending the local chapter of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.  Most capital cities the world over have one.  Basically, you go to a pub and draw burlesque dancers in their costumes.  (You should go).  Little did I know then that Dr Sketchy’s is the gateway drug into the world of Burlesque.  (I regret nothing!)

Meet Miss Burlesque Queensland 2012, Miss Alyssa Kitt:


Yes, she really is that good at backbends.  Go and ask Youtube.  I’ll wait here.

And while we’re at it, meet the lovely lady in my header, Miss Burlesque Gold Coast 2011 Bella de Jac:


So far Bella’s been my most public success as an artist, winning me second prize in the Ipswich Portrait Awards a few months ago.

The private successes?  Wait and see.


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